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Root Canal Therapy – Hurst, TX

Stop Your Pain & Save Your Tooth

women in dental chair giving thumbs up after root canal therapy in Hurst, TX

Do you have a severe toothache that has been getting worse over time? Has it kept you from eating, sleeping, working, or any other part of your daily life? One common cause of such an intense toothache is an infection inside of the tooth, and in many cases, the best way to stop your pain and save your tooth is with root canal therapy. This often-misunderstood treatment shouldn’t hurt thanks to the modern anesthetic techniques that our dentists use here at ProSmiles Dental & Orthodontics of Hurst. Call us today to relieve your toothache with root canal therapy in Hurst, TX!

Why Choose ProSmiles Dental & Orthodontics of Hurst for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Sedation Options Available to Calm Your Nerves
  • Evening & Weekend Dental Office Hours
  • Same-Day Visits for Patients with Dental Emergencies

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

man with toothache sitting on couch

Root canal therapy isn’t the go-to treatment for hurting teeth. Instead, we reserve it for teeth that are so extensively decayed, damaged, or infected that no other restorative service can repair them. Some of the most common signs that you need a root canal are:

  • Severe temperature sensitivity in a single tooth.
  • Pain when chewing or biting down.
  • Swelling, discoloration, or a pimple-like bump on the gums near a particular tooth.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, call our office immediately. We’ll work to schedule a same-day emergency appointment that will give you the pain relief you need.

The Root Canal Process

illustration of how root canal therapy works

Even though root canal therapy has a bad reputation, the procedure should actually be about as comfortable as getting a cavity filled. That’s due to a combination of advancements in dental technology, our dentists’ expertise, and the local anesthetic we use to numb the mouth beforehand. We also offer sedation dentistry options to soothe your nerves and further diminish your ability to register discomfort.

The root canal procedure itself is fairly straightforward. After your dentist in Hurst has fully numbed your mouth and ensured you’re comfortable, they’ll create a tiny hole in the top of the affected tooth. Then, they’ll carefully remove the damaged tissue, thoroughly sanitize the inside of the tooth, and replace the tissue with a synthetic yet biocompatible material. Once the infection is gone and the tooth has been filled, we’ll fit the tooth with a customized dental crown to keep it protected while restoring its function and appearance.

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

woman grinning in front of turquoise background

Despite the pervasive rumors that surround it, root canal therapy is a hugely beneficial treatment in both the short- and long-term. The major benefits of getting a root canal include:

  • Practically painless treatment – As previously mentioned, root canal therapy shouldn’t be painful in the slightest. Your mouth may be sore for a few days afterward, but the procedure itself should be relatively comfortable.
  • Relieve tooth pain – Rather than causing dental pain, root canal therapy is designed to alleviate it. By removing the damaged or infected tissue inside of the tooth, we also eliminate the source of your toothache.
  • Save your natural tooth – With a root canal, we can prevent your tooth from worsening and needing to be extracted entirely. As a result, you can avoid the extra time and money that it would take to remove and replace the tooth.

Root Canal FAQs

a man thinking about a root canal in Hurst

Many people hesitate when they’re told that they might need a root canal. While it can often seem daunting at first, the tooth-saving procedure itself is straightforward, effective, and no more uncomfortable than getting a filling. That said, you probably might be wondering exactly what you can expect from the treatment. That’s why our team has collected and answered some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our patients about a root canal in Hurst. Feel free to reach out to us if you don’t see the information you’re looking for!

Are Root Canals Painful?

Our dental team will be sure to numb your mouth before starting any work on your tooth. This will guarantee that you are as comfortable as possible while remaining pain-free throughout the procedure. Additionally, a root canal is designed to also stop pain coming from a severely damaged or decayed tooth. We can even provide sedation therapy to keep you significantly relaxed in case you’re feeling a bit anxious or nervous about your treatment.

After your procedure is completed, you may have mild soreness in that area of your mouth for a few days. This is normal and often fades away on its own. You can also apply a cold compress or take over-the-counter pain medications to alleviate any discomfort. If this doesn’t help, then be sure to reach out to us right away.

What Happens If You Wait Too Long for a Root Canal?

The longer a root canal is postponed, the more likely the infection will grow and travel throughout vital parts of your body, including your heart. Not only will you be at risk of more costly dental treatments like tooth extraction, but the disease can result in more serious health issues like inflamed gums, jaw pain, strokes, and heart attacks. With a root canal, we can effectively save your natural tooth, avoiding the need for restorative treatment.

Do I Still Need a Root Canal If My Toothache Went Away?

While a disappearing toothache might seem like a good sign, it can often indicate something worse. A tooth infection can spread and attack the nerves within, keeping you from receiving any sensations. Even if it’s advanced, you should still opt for getting a root canal to address the disease head-on. Doing so will improve your chances of stopping it from spreading any further, protecting your smile as well as your overall well-being.

Can Root Canals Be Prevented?

Since a tooth infection typically develops due to poor oral habits or a lack of dental hygiene, you can effectively prevent the need for root canals in several ways. Some of the most common methods to preserve your smile are to brush twice daily, floss at least once, and schedule a checkup and cleaning every six months with our team. We’ll be able to monitor your dental health and address any developing issues before they can worsen. You can also prevent root canals by limiting how frequently you consume sugar, avoiding bad habits like smoking, and wearing mouthguards during sports.

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