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Teeth Whitening – Hurst, TX

Achieve the Dazzling Smile You Deserve

Woman after teeth whitening in Hurst holding before comparison picture

When you see your smile in the mirror or in photos, does it seem like your pearly whites aren’t as bright as they should be? Are you self-conscious about a noticeable enamel stain or yellow teeth? Tooth discoloration is extremely popular, but you don’t have to live with it if you don’t want to! At ProSmiles Dental & Orthodontics, we can help you achieve the dazzling smile you deserve with professional teeth whitening in Hurst! Read on to learn more about this popular service and give us a call today to schedule your consultation!

Why Choose ProSmiles Dental & Orthodontics of Hurst For Teeth Whitening?

  • #1 100% Customized Whitening Treatments
  • #2 In-Office Treatments & Take-Home Kits Available
  • #3 Designed for Optimal Comfort & Reliable Results

Who Is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Man admiring his smile after teeth whitening in Hurst

Teeth whitening is one of our most sought-after cosmetic services. If you wish that your smile was brighter and you’re in good oral health, then it’s very likely that you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening! Our professional-grade whitening products seep deep into the enamel to break up tough stains, lifting years of discoloration off your smile. Beforehand, we’ll check for and address issues such as cavities and gum disease, as these problems can make teeth whitening uncomfortable.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

before and after teeth whitening in Hurst comparison

Our teeth whitening treatments are far more powerful and reliable than anything sold in stores or online. While store-bought whiteners often leave patients with subpar results and tooth sensitivity, we can reliably and predictably lighten your smile by 5 shades or more! Plus, we use specialized whitening agents that are designed to minimize tooth sensitivity for a comfortable experience. Depending on your preferences, we offer two types of teeth whitening:

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

professional take-home whitening kit in Hurst on wooden table

If you’d like to get beautiful, professional results from the comfort of your own home, a personalized take-home whitening kit might be for you. We’ll give you application trays that have been molded to fit perfectly over your teeth along with custom doses of our professional whitener. At home, you’ll wear the trays filled with whitener for 15-20 minutes a day. In about two weeks, you’ll have a sparkling smile!

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Smiling man getting in-office teeth whitening in Hurst

If you have a special occasion coming up, such as a wedding or job interview, you may be more interested in an in-office whitening treatment. We’ll simply apply the whitening gel to your teeth and shine a blue light on it to speed up the process. Then, we’ll wipe the gel away and check your results. We’ll complete this process a few times until your teeth look stunning, which can take as little as an hour!

Tips for Maintaining Your Brighter Smile

Woman flossing after teeth whitening in Hurst

Once you’ve invested in a brighter smile, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best! To help maintain your whitening results, follow these tips:

  • Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day
  • Floss daily and rinse with mouthwash regularly
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Avoid or minimize staining foods and drinks
  • Visit us every six months for your routine checkups and cleanings

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Woman wondering about teeth whitening in Hurst

Ready for a brighter smile? Teeth whitening in Hurst is one of our most popular services, and it’s no wonder why! That being said, it’s normal to have a few questions about teeth whitening before you’re ready to choose it for yourself. We want you to feel confident and well-informed about any decision you make about your smile, so we’ve gathered a few common questions we get about teeth whitening below so you can learn more! If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for, we encourage you to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Our teeth whitening services are quick, easy, effective, and designed to be comfortable. Your treatment will be entirely customized for you, whether that’s with personalized whitening trays in our take-home kits or specific doses of whitener in our in-office treatments. This high level of personalization goes a tremendously long way in reducing your risk of experiencing any type of discomfort.

What’s more, our professional-grade products are made of specific ingredients to minimize tooth sensitivity during and after your whitening treatment. If you are prone to sensitive teeth, don’t hesitate to let us know! We’ll adjust your treatment plan to make sure your whitening experience is as comfortable as possible.

Can Anyone Get Teeth Whitening?

Another reason why teeth whitening is so popular is that practically anyone can be considered a good candidate for it! Older patients, some younger patients, and nearly everyone in between can achieve a dazzling smile with professional teeth-whitening. Plus, it’s never been easier with both in-office treatments and take-home kits to choose from!

However, if you are suffering from tooth decay, gum disease, or some other type of oral health issue, we will need to address it before moving forward. Teeth whitening is also not a good choice for patients whose tooth discoloration stems from an injury inside the tooth or certain medications. In these cases, we’ll work with you to discover other options like dental bonding or veneers to help you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve.

Does Teeth Whitening Work on Dental Crowns?

Restorations like dental crowns are not porous like your natural teeth. Therefore, they are not affected by teeth whitening. The same goes for veneers and dental bonding. If you are planning on having your teeth whitened after getting one of these options, let us know! We’ll match the color of your crown, veneers, or dental bonding to the shade your teeth will be after teeth whitening.  

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

While the results of your teeth whitening treatment won’t last forever, they can last a very long time with the proper care! If you practice great dental hygiene and avoid dark-colored foods and drinks, your smile can stay dazzlingly bright for a year or so. However, by the same token, indulging in bad habits like smoking and poor dental habits can cause your results to fade much sooner than average. One of the best ways to keep your smile sparkling is to come see us for a routine checkup and cleaning twice a year, where we can polish your pearly whites to keep them gleaming and answer any questions you may have about maintaining your whitening results.

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